Just wanted to tell you how much I loved class today. It was just wonderful. Your home is beautiful. You are just so good at teaching and its such a pleasure to follow you. This class has become such an important activity in my life.

Julie is a gifted and knowledgeable Qigong teacher. Her classes were indispensable to me during my treatment for breast cancer – it made all I had to go through easier to manage and taught me how to connect to my own inner strength for healing. With Julie’s guidance, I learned to work very specifically with my body to add back what I needed to harness healing & well-being. I am forever grateful for her teachings – it got me through treatment & changed my life for the better.J

I just had to let you know what a life-changing experience it was to attend your class on Monday.!  

Not only did I begin to learn new techniques to restore my body and soul, but I enjoyed the  welcoming company of the lovely women who shared the practice. 

Julie is a fantastic teacher. She not only has mastery, but the wisdom, patience, and guidance to teach the student where they are. Whether aged 10 or 100, a first time student or a seasoned practioner, her teaching style uplifts and encourages each and every student. The art may be several thousand years old, yet she brings it forth with an aliveness that makes each class a joy for the soul. 

Your class was an incredible gift of a day. I feel so much lighter today, more space inside. And calmer. This felt like a portal. I will be adding the foot massage & cupping to my winter week(s) and I will remember the entire day yesterday as a series of blissful nurturing episodes. Your home is an incredibly safe place. Well done.

Transformative! No matter what state I’m in or how I’m feeling when I walk in, by the end of the Qigong session with Julie, I am transformed: calm, centered and grounded, yet at the same time energized, ready to face whatever the day may bring.

Your classes are thoughtful, well-prepared. You are a very good teacher, and I appreciate the tea, your calm voice, and your beautiful discussion of nature and the universe. 

My doctor recommended qigong to me as part of my treatment for a pre-cancerous condition and it has had a huge impact on my health: reduced blood pressure, slower heart rate, reduced inflammation and significantly improved sense of well-being. I have no pre-cancer cells now and I continue to attend classes to keep it that way. The root imagery has really helped my balance.

I love the positive imagery you use: the feeling of connection to nature is enormously nurturing and centering. Classes on the beach are absolutely wonderful

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