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About Us

About Qigong

Qigong is a mind/body, self-care practice from China. It coordinates gentle movement, relaxed breathing and meditation with self-massage to energize the body. Qigong translates as breath work or energy work – cultivating energy and storing it for body rejuvenation.

The best medicine is already in us: A study from the Journal of Chinese Medicine has found that including a regular Qigong practice in your life helps to both calm and energize the body. Promoting the balance of energy-in and energy-out combined with building inner health and strength is the foundation of a Qigong practice. In addition to providing exercise, Qigong helps to release physical, psychological and emotional stress. These practices modify and accelerate the body’s own self-regulating physiological and bioenergetic mechanisms. Qigong is your best health insurance.




After decades of anxious & stressful living, I discovered Qigong back in 2001 while living in Brooklyn, NY. And what a discovery it was! Since then I have delved into the art & science of this ancient healing art & shown people in their "adult-escence" years how to slow down, be more present, trust the unknown & practice self-love. I am one of the few people in Fairfield County who specializes in Qigong for lessening anxiety & emotional stress. I support women & men who have hit a wall & feel burnt out. I have story after story of clients who were able to get their stress under control after clearing up old anxiety & fear based patterns in the body. Check out my testimonials!


It brings me great joy to help others learn ways to take their health into their own hands. Nurturing ourselves through Qigong, we surrender to the preciousness of the present and our own presence. I teach simple but powerful ways for people to improve their health by lessening anxiety, stress, sadness and learning to let go of daily frustrations.


I hold certifications from the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi, Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong (Level 1 & 2) and Organ Cleansing Qigong. I have studied with many international teachers including Daisy Lee, Roger Jahnke, Master Kenneth Cohen, Robert Peng, Dr. Yang Yang, Master Sat Cheun Hon, Francesco Garri Garripoli, Solala Towler and teachers from the Chinese Health Qigong Association. I also have a MA in Art History, Archives & Museum Studies. I live with my husband Dan, my twin daughters and my two crazy Westies in a pink house in Fairfield, CT!


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